Snowy Owl Knits came to life out of my passion for fine yarns and the wonderful fabrics that can be made with creative use of stitch patterns.  Although I began knitting later in life, the learning curve was actually a quick one due to the influences of several great knitting tutorials available on the internet.

But I have always been very curious, and I have to know why something works the way it does; I liked varying methods and patterns to create something new.  That is the beauty of knitting:  taking what amounts to sticks and string and making a beautiful and useful garment or object!

Even small swatches of a stitch pattern can be reminders of learning, growing, and creating.

Many knitters become frustrated when they make mistakes.  But I have found that those mistakes are opportunities to examine what happened, how to fix the mistake and, ultimately, grow into a better knitter.

I like to examine minute details of how I tension my yarn, why a knit stitch followed by a purl stitch can have more pull, why slipping the first stitch of every row can be very useful later, how one cast-on method is better for certain stitch patterns.  The list goes on.

I invite you to enjoy my tutorials, free patterns, patterns to purchase, and my information about new and exciting materials.

“Hoo” said nothing new ever happened with an ancient skill like knitting?

Amy Bristol, Texas